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Poets' Corner Hostel [Struttura]

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Czech Republic


Sokolska 1, Olomouc

Persone di contatto

Natalija Cannici

This hostel is located not far from the Olomouc train station. It is very nice and the atmosphere is very familiar. The staff is open and environmental friendly. For instance, in Poets' Corner Hostel, in the kitchen there are the necessary facilities to separate the rubbish in order to recycle it! Furnitures are mostly second hand or very old and good quality. The hostel signed a contract with "Zeleni energies" which means that they buy energy from renweable resources. Another peculiarity of this place is also the atmosphere: warm and pleasant, very familiar and friendly althought there are firm (but fair) laws concerning the night time when the guests are invited to stay quite and in general the respect of neighbouring. It is possible to smoke only in the balcony and this saves the non smokers from unpleseant behaviours. These are also the reasons why Poets' corner hostel is also an ideal place for families.

In addiction, the staff gives you plenty of written (and oral) information about the city. Very useful information are given to guests as soon as they arrive, concerning things to see and places where to go. The hostel also gives you the possibility to rent bikes for a very cheap price.

The website, www.hostelolomouc.com, is really complete and well done: here one can get somehow an idea of the hostel and the city too. Otherwise, you may consult www.outsideprague.com/

The kitchen
Struttura: Poets' Corner Hostel
Czech Republic - Sokolska 1, Olomouc
Natalija Cannici [Venerdì, 15 Gennaio 2010]

Presentation of Olomouc http://www.youtube.com/v/j0DWkZ1aJTs

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